Pinky Portal
Classification Human
Gender Female
Age 12
Residence Mathura Anath Ashram
Occupation Student
Real world information
Appears in Roll No. 21

Radha, better known as Pinky is a student of Mathura Anath Ashram and a close friend of Kris and Babloo.

Personality and Physical appearanceEdit

Pinky wears school frock, and shoes, and flower clip. She is also an angry geek who even scared Golu but sweet to her Friends. She loves her dolls very much. She is also known to have secret crush on Kris. She is friends with Kris and Babloo.

Relationships with other charactersEdit


Kris is Pinky's Best Friend. Kris likes her.Kris also rescues her whenever she's in trouble. They have known to be Best Friends since Kris's first day of school in the ashram.


Babloo is also Pinky's Best Friend. They help Kris in anyway they can.sometimes pinky gets angry at bablu


Golu is the school's Prankster, she doesn't like him. Like many others, she calls him a 'fatso'.


  • Madhu is also Pinky's close friend trivia
  • pinky is shown getting mad only at boys
  • pinky loves playing with dolls
  • goofs in bollywood when golu looses the ticket pinky is shown crying rather than geting angry
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