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Roll No. 21

Kris in his divine form.PNG
Alias Super Hero
Nickname Blue Balloon (called by Golu and Kanishk)
Classification Human
Gender Male
Age 12
Residence Mathura Anath Ashram
Relatives Balu (Brother)
Occupation Student
Real world information
Appears in Million Dollar Question

"You cannot escape now, Blue Balloon!"
— Kanishk

Kris is the titular main protagonist of the show. He was the reincarnation of Krishna. He also got boon from Lord Krishna that he would save Mathura Ashram from Wicked Kanishk. He could transform into a divine form which is like Lord Krishna. Kris always wins despite the fact that Kanishk sends multiple asuras to finish him.Though some asuras were hard to defeat he breaks the bones out of them.

Physical Appearance

Kris in his school uniform

As Kris is an incarnation of Krishna, his skin would be blue. He wears the male school uniform, a white shirt and Brown shorts. In his divine form, he wears a peacock feather on his head as Lord Krishna would, a chain, two earrings, anklets, and a orange Dhoti.


Kris is a kind-hearted boy. He is always devoted to his friends. He is always ready to help his friends whenever they were in trouble. Kris and Kanishk's rivalry is awfully serious, but Kris never fails to give Kanishk a lesson.

Relationships with other characters


Pinky is one of Kris' best friends. She has a secret crush on Kris and Kris is oblivious to this, though he too has a crush on Pinky. Asuras sent by Kanishk often try to make Pinky and the rest of Kris's friends go against Kris and succeed but are defeated by Kris. After knowing that it was a mistake, Pinky apologizes to Kris, knowing he would never do such things. Kris also forgives her. He considers Pinky to be one of his best friends since his first day of school.


Babloo is another one of Kris' best friends. He likes Kris very much. Kris often saves him when he is in danger or being bullied by Golu. Than any other characters, Babloo is saved by Kris several times. He is average in studies but very good in sports. Babloo has also been the first friend Kris made on his first day of school.


Madhu is the brainiest kid in the ashram, he invents many machines to help Kris, and for himself too. He is also close with Kris whenever they play. Kris also protects Madhu when he is being bullied by Golu.


Golu is the bully in the school. He is often seen bullying other students, especially Madhu. Kris saves his friends from him, and mocks him using his powers.


Kanishk is Kris' rival,they often fight. Kanishk makes plans to bring asuras to kill him, but his plans always fail.


Kanishk and Kris are enemies from Previous birth. REHAN KHAN st peter convent