Nickname Demon balloon
Classification Human (Demon)
Gender Male
Age 70+
Residence under ground world
Relatives Tarak
Pets Duckey
Occupation Devil
Real world information
Appears in Roll No. 21

Kanishk is the main antagonist of the show. He always plans to kill Kris. He is the incarnation of Kansa, who was the maternal uncle of Krishna. He brings many asuras from Paatal lok to kill him. However, all of the plans will fail always. Even the staffs, Doctor J, Tarak, Suparna hates him.


Kanishk is easily short-tempered, angry but smiles when he plans to kill Kris and even the students of the ashram due to they give trouble to him. If he had planned anything for killing Kris, If it fails, he blames his staffs that they gave the idea of killing Kris. He is the school principal.

Physical ApppearanceEdit

Kanishk Portal

Kanishk in his principal dress

Kanishk wears a white-grey shirt and a black pant as a principal dress. In his divine form, he wears a crown, chain, and a violet dhoti.Relationships with other characters


Already in their previous birth, Kris had Kanishk as a maternal uncle. They had rivalry in this birth also.

Doctor JEdit

Doctor J is Kanishk's minion. He introduces new devices or steal devices from Madhu to help Kanishk to Kill Kris. But Doctor J hates him due to insulting him.


Tarak is the younger brother of Kanishk. He also helps Kanishk for defeating Kris. He also fails always.


Suparna is the another minion of Kanishk. Like other minions of Kanishk, she also fails defeating Kris.

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