Doctor J
Dr J Portal
Classification Human (Demon)
Gender Male
Age 40+
Residence Mathura Anath Ashram
Occupation Teacher
Real world information
Appears in Roll No. 21

Doctor J or simply J (Kanishk calls him) is one of the teachers in the Mathura Anath Ashram He is the main minion of Kanishk. He is a Dentist who stays with Kanishk. He is an incarnation of Jarasandh. J finds devices for Kanishk to tackle Kris. If the device lacks, Kanishk beats him out of spite. He sometimes desires to be the principal of the ashram, and kick out Kanishk, because Kanishk keeps whacking and insulting him.He always has some wonderful gadgets to defeat Kris,but Kris always is one step ahead of all his devices.

In one of the episodes,Kanishk comes from the future to inform that with his devices in the future,doctor J becomes the principal of mathura anath ashram and even becomes the mayor of the town.

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