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Doctor J
Dr J Portal.png
Alias J (as called by kanishk)
Classification Human (Demon)
Gender Male
Age 40+
Residence Mathura Anath Ashram
Occupation Teacher
Real world information

Doctor J is one of the teachers in the Mathura Anath Ashram . He stands out with his all gold teeth. He is the main minion of Kanishk. He is a Dentist who stays with Kanishk. He is the incarnation of Jarasandh. J finds devices for Kanishk to tackle Kris. If the device lacks, Kanishk beats him out of anger. He sometimes dreams of being the principal of the school and kick out kanishk. He always has some ingenious devices prepared to fight against Kris but is always bested by him. He is one of the secondary antagonists in Roll. No 21